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The original UK fireworks website - online since 1996 - bringing you top fireworks brands to buy, descriptions of types of firework, displays and events, fireworks safety, glossary, photographs, and much more.
Jubilee Fireworks - Masters of display pyrotechnics, Click here for your operator-fired display. Bonfire Night recipes for hungry tums, party page for all those extras, and don't forget the sparklers & glow products - for fun or fundraising.
pemember - the mint 'error' £2 coin. read the truth
The Gunpowder Plot commemorative £2 coin. Pemember - is it a Mint error? Read more»
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• Read the Fireworks Code and download it as a leaflet or poster, in English and Asian languages.
• Make the occasion a success - and a safe one.
Liuyang: city of fireworks
• Find your nearest Guy Fawkes Carnival or Bonfire Society.
Nostalgia Memorabilia, museums and fireworks history. slideshow
Photographs and videos, including the Festival of Fireworks, Catton Hall, and the Plymouth & Southport fireworks competitions.
Firework photographs from the top UK shows and display companies.
• All you need to celebrate Bonfire Night - or any other occasion - buy fireworks here quiet and low-noise fireworks

Softly-softly for serene celebrations. Fireworks specially chosen for those who don't like their fireworks noisy, or whose situation and consideration for others puts a limit on the decibels.

Display dates. Full list of the national championships, competitions and fireworks festivals.
• For special occasions, find a professional fireworks display team to do the job for you.
• Advice on setting up your fireworks display, fireworks safety tips, insurance and pets.
images and messages in fireworks
• Ever wondered what goes into a big fireworks display? Read 'how do they do that?' for a look behind the scenes, and firework effects to see what hits the sky.

Opening ceremony:
Closing ceremony:
British Championships pictures
pictures of capesthorne hall fireworks championsPLUS more photographs of major displays, competitions & festivals »
• The background and history of fireworks, the characters and organisations concerned with the industry.
• Read comments from satisfied customers.
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