About Us

Fireworks.co.uk was the first ever UK fireworks website. Created in 1995 - over 20 years ago - it has been online ever since. It was initially an information site with articles about fireworks safety, fireworks history and traditions, bonfire night, Guy Fawkes, seasonal recipes and much more.

All of this was of course years before the likes of Google and Wikipedia were even started much less achieved any eminence (there was no e-commerce, a mobile phone was the size of a brick (with no internet connectivity) and a few lucky PC owners had monitors as big as 12").

Today, this website brings you the pick of the best fireworks selected and supplied by the country's leading display operators; Jubilee Fireworks. Jubilee have won the UK National Championships and the Champion of Champions competitions, the British Musical Fireworks Championships, the World Fireworks Championships and many other prestigious international competitions throughout the world.

These experts have selected the range of fireworks available to you on fireworks.co.uk

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