• Dominator

For those looking for something really special! Four amazing fireworks which can be fired in succession to produce a stunning finale, or used as a stand-alone short but impressive display. 140 shots in 100 seconds.

  • Part A; Red glitter mine to silver tiger tail ; Blue mine with silver; Crackling comets; Big spinners to silver strobe; Blue tail to big golden leaf and blue stars.
  • Part B; Gold palm with green glitter; Gold palm with red glitter; Gold palm with silver glitter Gold palm with green glitter; Gold palm with red glitter
  • Part C; Green tail to green palm; Blue Tail to brocade palm; Green tail to green glittering; Blue tail to blue peony; Red tail to spider king; Wave willow; Silver titanium chrysanthemum
  • Part D; Big spinner to silver blink; Brocade mine to brocade leaf and red stars; Brocade crown king with green dahlia; Blue tail to wave willow and blue stars

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